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I remember one man they dragged out of a heap, who pleaded abjectly until a revolver shot cut him short.
But another rushing wave arose and dragged him under once more.
During his sister's hasty manoeuvres, he was dragged by the arm.
He found that he was imprisoned in a subterranean chamber amply large enough to have accommodated a dozen or more of the huge animals such as the one that had dragged him thither.
And then she was dragged out of my sight into the depths of the deserted edifice.
As quickly as she could she raised the great bar and fairly dragged Clayton within.
Let me go and show me the path that I shall ask: you who are old, you know that I am too fair to be dragged before this chief of yours.
They dragged their prisoner roughly to the palace pits, where in utter darkness they chained him with rusty links to the solid masonry of the wall.
Some fellows then seized him by the feet, and dragged him into the crowd, into the middle of which one might have followed his bloody track, and he was soon closed in among the savage yells of malignant exultation.