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Amidst the cracking of the rifles and the growls of the carnivora rose the death screams of stricken men and horses as they were dragged down by the blood-mad cats.
White Fang followed, sliding over the ground in wolf fashion and with wolf speed, swiftly and without noise, and in the centre of the field he dragged down and slew the dog.
The motorcycle was dragged down the road for 50 meters.
CORONATION STREET (ITV, 7pm) IT'S not happy days for Carla after she was dragged down the street by Jamie and Lee's getaway car.
Will Carla pull through after being dragged down the street by a car?
Summary: Despite the relative diversification of the UAE economy and its large external savings, the weak outlook for oil prices and fears about global growth prospects, dragged down sentiment.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- Dragged down by poor performance in exports of services, Macao's gross domestic product (GDP) for the second quarter of 2015 contracted by 26.
Exports drag down manufacturing figures GROWTH among smaller and medium-sized (SME) manufacturers remained positive in the three months to July, but exports dragged down overall performance, according the latest CBI SME Trends Survey.
Stock traders were also said to be worried about the situation in Europe again, and on Monday, in the process of dragging down the market, they dragged down US radio as well.
Tokyo stocks fell Wednesday morning, dragged down by concerns over the U.
Sales in Mulberry's own stores were up by 6 per cent on a like-for-like basis but dragged down by a 16 per cent dip in wholesale.
Summary: The price of oil fell below $93 a barrel on Tuesday, dragged down by the prospect that political uncertainty in Italy could rekindle Europe's debt crisis, weighing on the global economy.