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White Fang followed, sliding over the ground in wolf fashion and with wolf speed, swiftly and without noise, and in the centre of the field he dragged down and slew the dog.
As if with an invisible hand, it dragged down the brow and the eyelid on the right; it dragged down the mouth on the same side.
In drawing her up from the world, he was day by day being himself dragged down towards it.
Should I not be dragged down indeed if I left your side at such a time?
It was the figure of the wailer whom he had come to still, the figure of a young woman with a wooden skewer through the split septum of her nose, with a heavy metal ornament depending from her lower lip, which it had dragged down to hideous and repulsive deformity, with strange tattooing upon forehead, cheeks, and breasts, and a wonderful coiffure built up with mud and wire.
How often so dragged down by hands that should have raised her up; how often so misdirected when losing her way on the eternal road, and asking guidance
Buck had already dragged down a stray part-grown calf; but he wished strongly for larger and more formidable quarry, and he came upon it one day on the divide at the head of the creek.
Anthony, because he clung so jolly hard to her that Powell was afraid of her being dragged down notwithstanding that she very soon became very sure- footed in all sorts of weather.
Its occupants, fleeing from the city, had been attacked and dragged down by a gang of slum dwellers--hoodlums.
The few pieces of furniture had been discovered in the garrets and dragged down into service without having been properly dusted, even.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- Dragged down by poor performance in exports of services, Macao's gross domestic product (GDP) for the second quarter of 2015 contracted by 26.
Exports drag down manufacturing figures GROWTH among smaller and medium-sized (SME) manufacturers remained positive in the three months to July, but exports dragged down overall performance, according the latest CBI SME Trends Survey.