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What's more worrying, however, is how the mix of occupations - particularly the decline in managerial roles and the rise of low-skilled occupations - is dragging down wage growth.
Summary: NEW YORK - JPMorgan Chase's fourth-quarter profit fell 23 per cent, in line with Wall Street expectations, as the European debt crisis depressed trading and corporate deal-making, dragging down shares of the major US banks.
Blacks' chief executive Neil Gillis said: "The issue is the boardwear business dragging down what is a good recovery story.
Our polls show that voters associate the Berlusconi brand fairly strongly with organized crime, and this is dragging down your numbers in the non-incarcerated voting segment.
With the governor's ever-flagging popularity dragging down every proposition he has supported, he felt that his only chance to win was to use his ever-flagging popularity to drag down the opposition.