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Selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) stimulates macrophages in the drainage angle to phagocytose debris in the angle.
However, there are other ocular manifestations in the different eye segments that are associated with aniridia, namely, from anterior to posterior, the cornea with dry eye and keratopathy, glaucoma and anomalies of the drainage angle of the eye, lens opacities and lens subluxation and retinal, and macular and optic nerve disorders associated with nystagmus.
A laser trabeculoplasty uses a laser to open the drainage angle and relieve pressure on the eye.
a) Elderly, hyperopic patients with narrow anterior drainage angles
In acute glaucoma, the iris bulges forwards and closes the drainage angle so the fluid is trapped within the eye.
It is thought to be due to developmental abnormalities in the drainage angle of the eye, which obstruct the outflow of aqueous humor.