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In the 1940s and 1950s, the handsome, broad-shouldered actor worked on live TV in teleplays such as those on the popular "Studio One" programs, and he played drama critic Al Manheim in "What Makes Sammy Run ", the award-winning tale of Hollywood treachery.
Drama critic Mamdooh Al-Mehainy, encourages programs that bring social problems into the open, but he thinks the way such topics are addressed to viewers particularly in "Asakinat fe Qolubena" is onedimensional.
And it was camp comedian Alan Carr who minced into the Telegraph offices, resplendent in white suit and dickey-bow, to shoot scenes in which he plays a local newspaper's colourful drama critic.
second-string drama critic and second-string music critic, his views
Michael Feingold apparently remains as the lead drama critic.
After joining The New York Times as dance critic in 1965, he became its chief drama critic as well in 1967, a position that made him the most powerful dance and theater writer in the business.
During that decade Dorothy Parker is fired by Vanity Fair as its drama critic and her marriage to a drunk and morphine addict is not a happy one.
17) In the words of drama critic David Krasner, "Johnson's realism negotiates the area between actual history and the stage.
That makes him the most heavily armed drama critic in the world.
Playwright, philosopher, drama critic, and gifted musician, M.
ALMOST 40 years after the drama critic Ken Tynan became the first person to say the word f**k on television, the BBC in-house magazine Ariel has decided to drop the use of asterisks when printing obscenities.
In 1966 he was targeted, along with Edward Albee and William Inge, in a scalding diatribe against homosexual playwrights, "Homosexual Drama and Its Disguises," by Stanley Kauffmann, chief drama critic for the Times.