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Unlike Shawool and Badawi, the Egyptian drama critic Ali al-Ra'i thinks highly of the play: "The play fascinates by a delightful reinterpretation of folklore which is both sympathetic and clear-sighted."(20) He regards The Key as a play of "universal appeal, which can be performed easily not only in the Arab world, but on the world stage."(21) Indeed, some fifteen years after its first production in Iraq, the play was staged by the Syrian National Theater to compete during the First Carthage (Tunisia) Festival in 1983, proof enough that its appeal went beyond Iraq.
Educated at the Giggleswick and Manchester grammar schools, Agate went to London to become a journalist, working as drama critic for several papers.
So she asked Frank how he feels about losing so much power and prestige after 30 years as a premier drama critic. He responded that it is a relief to be writing about something other than theater after all these years.
Drama Critic, Whata Brainstorm, Val's Prince and Gritty Sandie look to be the principals, but the presence of Cetewayo, a Grade 1 winner two seasons ago for Michael Dickinson and only lightly raced since, may have everyone guessing.
However, she also scours The Messenger's archives for lesser-known, but equally talented scribes, like drama critic Theophilus Lewis, poet Thomas Millard Henry, and fiction writer Anita Scott Coleman.
Willum the love-struck architect, fast departing Tansy his weathergirl lover, and drama critic pal Axel, are celebrating Willum's 34th birthday, and all goes well until the Nerd arrives...
Frank Rich, the paper's former drama critic and now a columnist, applauded the film on the op-ed page.
In 1898 he succeeded George Bernard Shaw as drama critic of the Saturday Review.
Brackett was drama critic of The New Yorker for three years and also wrote a number of novels, among them The Counsel of the Ungodly (1920); Week-end (1925); and Entirely Surrounded (1934), a roman a clef about Alexander Woolcott and his island colony on Lake Bomoseen, Vt.
Krutch was a drama critic for the Nation for many years, as well as an English professor at Columbia University and elsewhere.
Hill's accusations against Clarence Thomas, the play, says New York Times drama critic Frank Rich, "leaves us feeling much the way the [hearings] did: soiled and furious." It will run 513 performances.