dramatic representation

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It was the first dramatic representation which greeted the eyes of little Tom, who was brought down into the kitchen by his nurse to witness it, at the mature age of three years.
The hideous dramatic representation of the woman's crime for which Geoffrey had asked was in no respect necessary: the means were all prepared, and the manner of using them was self-evident.
Streaming live suicidal videos is definitely a dramatic representation of a suicide note with clear display of all the emotions.
This will be achieved through a dramatic representation of the epic challenge we all face today as a species," he added.
The show itself is part dramatic representation - with the figure of Sir George acting as narrator - and part live concert.
The most dramatic representation of this success is the new Manitoulin Hotel and Conference Centre owned jointly by five First Nations communities in the area.
This dramatic representation of me and my hearing aid is more closely in tune with how it actually felt to wear a hearing aid when no one else in my class was wearing one.
On Bank Holiday Monday there will be an open day with free guided tours and a dramatic representation based on the town archives of a Petty Magistrates Session in 1851.
Hijaban Durga is a dramatic representation of the warrior goddess revisited as a veiled Muslim woman.
Each measured 23 by 18 inches and all were acclaimed for their dramatic representation of the flowers in romantic landscapes.
Her dramatic representation of it could not be more intoxicating.
THE front cover of this issue shows a dramatic representation of the moment when Middlesbrough Railway Station was bombed by a lone Dornier 217, 70 years ago this month.