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This particular dramatical reproduction was directed by John Payton.
Notwithstanding the unctuous, mechanical expresion of Sor Juana's loa, there are instances in which she achieved some dramatical effectiveness" (6 y 8).
The retrieval of mythical spaces, such as the cemetery; Porfirio, the servant, as a character and as dramatical element; the intensification of demonism in the hero's character; the seductive powers of fame--which could be an allusion to Torrado's version--are some of these themes.
a text as a potential dramatical structure (a kinetic perspective)
Four independent departments (Archaeology, Architecture, Plastic Arts, and Dramatical and Choreographical Arts), aimed to make the institution and its teaching the most "Cambodian" of the country's universities.
session after the changes in Tunisia and Egypt in addition to dramatical
He was also a performer with the Maes-yr-Haf Amateur Dramatical Society, acted as press officer for theCoryBand,andwas an active member of the Rhondda Talking Newspapers charity.
What I miss then is being a citizen, belonging, seeing who is good, who is bad, who is ugly, who is distasteful, who is cute, who is dramatical, who is demonic, who is flat.
Information technology will have a dramatical influence, especially on medicine and education, and the differences between the rich and poor will diminish (Stevanovic, 2000).
As a Doctor he took part in scientific expeditions organised by the Polish Society of Earth Science: in l986 Tikicaca expedition, in 1987 dramatical expedition in Tibet, in 1990 the mountains of Thailand and others.
Macromolecules relax in a broad spectrum of relaxation time due to the dramatical difference in the dimension of motion units.