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Today's enterprises benefit from the deployment of clustered processing and application architectures with dramatically increased uptime and resilience, configuration flexibility, and immediate scalability.
The Polish Zloty and the Czech Koruna have dropped even more dramatically.
Unless the national strategy changes dramatically, the requirements won't dramatically,'' Burbage said.
Vitamin E supplements lowered CRP concentrations dramatically in all three groups.
German and Irish immigration during the middle decades of the century had already created in the United States a substantial Roman Catholic population; the New Immigration, as the massive demographic upheavals of the century's later decades became known, both increased Catholic numbers dramatically and challenged the primacy of Irish-American leadership within that community.
It will increase dramatically the supply and demand for products.
On the final weekend of the season Loscavio and Randazzo, on whom the roles had reportedly been created but who had been sidelied with injuries much of the season, danced at last, performing with a realism that felt more like recovered emotion than a dramatically placed portrayal shaped by the choreography.
Defense spending rose dramatically, and when other programs could not be cut enough to offset that spending (and taxes were lowered), the result was a huge federal deficit.
D2C's unique, patent-pending approach displays these risks in an intuitive, graphical format using advanced search algorithms to dramatically reduce the time and resources required to implement, manage and analyze security access controls.
BrightStor SAN Designer leverages extensive industry best practices and interoperability knowledge base designs to dramatically reduce deployment time and ensure smooth, trouble free installation.
Environment Canada, that nation's environmental agency, briefly described the ability of its patented process to dramatically reduce the time, energy, process steps--and costs--associated with solvent extractions.