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The post 'No' vote would dramatically weaken Greek negotiating position appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
If we dramatically increase our recycling rate, we can avoid the need for additional disposal facilities."
Furthermore, "the platinum oxide layer that quickly forms on an electrode's surface dramatically slows down the chemical reactions there," says Adzic.
The Bush-Rove iteration of the Republican Party, with its tight focus on social issues and its coordination with religious groups to turn out votes, fell dramatically short with an electorate for whom other subjects had more salience.
The overall sources of capital for loans have changed dramatically. Today, institutional investors provide $2 for every $1 provided by more traditional lenders, including banks.
We'd nearly double Ryan White spending to $4 billion--including $1 billion for ADAP--and dramatically expand NIH research binding from the $2.888 billion proposed by President Bush to $10 billion.
"In addition to just being completely dissatisfied with the performance of those units, we also felt that we could dramatically shorten our production cycle times if we took the grinder to different areas of the sites.
The pain, hope and, finally, jubilation on the faces of the slaves are captured beautifully and dramatically by illustrator Jerry Pinkney, whose accolades include Caldecott Honor and Goretta Scott King Awards.
* the number of quotes processed often decreases dramatically as more and better attention is paid to the compatible ones that remain and quote hit rates rise significantly.
In the short term, this lack of inventory will continue to have a positive effect on the rebounding industry, as existing hotel owners and operators now have the pricing power to dramatically raise rates to what they should normally be.
Internet-powered applications are dramatically changing the business of healthcare.
Clancy will describe three best practices for developing financially-optimal marketing strategies that marketers can use to dramatically improve marketing ROI.