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Both ITV and Channel Four made stunning dramatisations of Bloody Sunday to mark the 30th anniversary of one of the most disturbing events of the Troubles when 13 people on a civil rights march were shot dead by the British Army.
Tea quality technician Karen Morley tastes the tea, left, and actress Charlotte Riley, a former pupil at Teesside High School, above, in her role as Cathy in the ITV's dramatisation of Wuthering Heights.
It will include a celebrity dramatisation of Bond's 1958 debut Dr No, starring Toby Stephens, below left, and David Suchet, right.
No, it wasn't a profile on New Labour, but Andrew Davies's dramatisation of the 2004 Booker Prizewinning novel of class, money and sexual awareness.
Lairy, sex-mad and hedonistic, Princess Margaret could have given Keith Richards a run for his money according to this new dramatisation of her life.
Fr Troy said the parents believed that it was too soon to show any dramatisation of the events surrounding the school.
A SILENT film dramatisation of Lady Godiva is one of a series of Coventry-related movies being screened at Warwick Arts Centre on Saturday.
Mr Jacques Chambrun, who represents Mr H G Wells here, spoke of the deep concern felt by the author that last night's wireless dramatisation of his book, The War of the Worlds - the story of a Martian invasion of the Earth - should have caused alarm in t he United States.
A LAVISH dramatisation of stories from the Bible has become the latest BBC project to be dropped as the corporation faces up to the economic crisis.
John Simm and John Lynch star in a dramatisation of the artists Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin staying together.
UK-based television channel BBC Four is to broadcast a fictitious dramatisation of the 1960 obscenity trial of Lady Chatterley's Lover by DH Lawrence, as part of its winter/spring season.
The day finished with the dramatisation of an air raid in the playground.