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Members of Punjab assembly asserted that to glamorize crimes in dramatization, spreading awareness about how-to-do of crimes and presenting criminals as heroes was unethical.
In this research, it was aimed to analyze on 7th grade students the effect of teaching approach with dramatization to the students' achievement level about digestive system within science and technology.
An image, dramatization, or sound of a car accident actually occurring would also be permissible, as long as it is not unduly manipulative.
The dramatization is now available in a three-CD set for $19.
The United Parish has put on the dramatization six times, the last time in 1999.
It is a dramatization, with full production values and complete with ambient sound, Belk calls "theater of the mind; close your eyes and you're there.
Crafted in the style of montage, Schonegevel's visually engaging, rhetorically forceful hour-long documentary unleashes a battery of cinematic modes and techniques--from dramatization, straight narrative, and interviews to animation and archival footage--to recount and interrogate in evocative terms the events surrounding the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the current landscape of nuclear proliferation, and their implications for our collective future.
WHEN Constance Murphyin 1930 attended the Passion Play, the world-famous dramatization in Oberammagau, Germany, of Christ's crucifixion, she knew she was being drawn to a religious vocation.
Another military presentation at the Gala, was the dramatic reading and tableau called "The Missing Comrade" a dramatization which honors those lost and missing in action.
But the dramatization is now rendered in the new improvisational sync-sound direct style using real social actors in real social space.
The young people receive basic catechism, dramatization of the Old and New Testaments, moral formation and wholesome friendship.
A study compared children's responses to picture storybooks that portray characters in nontraditional gender roles before dramatization and after dramatization of the stories.