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As a supplement to the original, this dramatization would make a good addition to a school or community library and would be enjoyed by all members of the family, serving as a stimulus to read the original.
In a nutshell: Harshly beautiful dramatization of a Tibetan militia's efforts to stop antelope poaching on a remote Himalayan plateau.
Reading La dama boba, El caballero de Olmedo, El castigo sin venganza, A secreto agravio, secreta venganza, La dama duende, and Don Gil de las calzas verdes, Stroud explores the dramatization of such themes as the inherent otherness of desire, the working of fantasy in love, the play of the death drive, the nature of gender identity and the feminine masquerade.
Over and over, he treats us to what amounts to a dramatization of figure/ground relations: characters are repeatedly shown squeezed into a tight foreground against a flat colorful backdrop.
An image, dramatization, or sound of a car accident actually occurring would also be permissible, as long as it is not unduly manipulative.
An audio dramatization of last season's production of "Hamlet" at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is now available through Blackstone Audio, an Ashland audiobook publisher.
In a second dramatization, two volunteers say "Welcome to Eugene
This darkly humorous dramatization pokes an irreverent finger in the eye of British intelligence during the pre-Castro days in Cuba.
Radio is a key player in Jessica Hagedorn's stage dramatization of her novel ``Dogeaters.
The dramatization of the story is delightful and the readings wonderful.
But obvious and predictable as the dramatization often is, at least it tells a story worth knowing.