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a) uses an image, sound, video or dramatization in a manner that is designed to solicit legal employment by appealing to a prospective client's emotions rather than to a rational evaluation of a lawyer's suitability to represent the prospective client;
In a second dramatization, two volunteers say "Welcome to Eugene
But shortly before Easter someone sent Father John Pawlikowski (a member of the group) a copy of Gibson's screenplay, and when the scholars reviewed the text they discovered a number of historical and theological errors and concluded that the script violated official Catholic teachings about dramatizations of the Passion and worried that a film based on this version of the script would promote anti-Semitic sentiments.
But the dramatization is now rendered in the new improvisational sync-sound direct style using real social actors in real social space.
an independent production company, is creator and executive producer of two new shows: Midnight Mac, a variety show on HBO centered around comedian Bernie Mac, who is black; and Trial by Jury on UPN, a half-hour dramatization of a trial that concludes with two verdicts, one by an on-screen jury and the other by viewers who call in on a 900 number.
Director Uli Edel said most dramatizations of Julius Caesar portray the last five years or so of his life before he was stabbed at age 56 by men who had hailed him as their hero.
With a greater attention to performative dimensions come Michael Hattaway's essay on theatricality and absolutism, Darryll Grantley's critique of Marlowe's "autodeconstructive" dramatizations of power, and Alexander Shurbanov's consideration of Marlovian ironic discrepancies.
Paul Getty Museum, attempts to clarify the term ``documentary'' and contrast such works with Hollywood dramatizations.
Students of early modern travel will also find much of use here, since dramatizations of current events provide one window onto the culture's "reading" of travel - travel experienced by most English citizens only on the stage or via the printed page.
About monterey media - monterey's versatile and award-winning video library encompasses a multitude of quality programming, including literary adaptations, poetry dramatizations and short stories adapted to film.
For the rest of us, whose tolerance for dramatizations of all things Kennedy was burned out decades ago, ``Thirteen Days'' offers a rare glimpse at why, with good reason for a change, Jack and Bobby deserved to be appreciated.