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In The Moviegoer and his strongest essays--and really, I suppose, in all his fiction--Percy was trying to dramatize a representative man's search for the significance of his life.
The video dramatizes how employee work habits that conflict with these principles can put the entire organization at risk, and how the best-designed systems are only as strong as each individual employee's compliance with it.
On the other hand, postfeminist productions of the final act of Two Gentlemen dramatize "the physical and sexual violence of Proteus' assault on Silvia .
Don't just tell prospects why your newsletter is going to help them; show them how with reality-based anecdotes that dramatize the value of your product.
The 80 000-pixel, three-colour LED display is linked to three computers, which generate two tickers of stok quotations that broaden and fan up, or narrow and dive down on the screens to colourfully dramatize shifts in price.
I decided to dramatize the portion of my grandmother's life before I was born," Ohama says.
Lynch, Simawe, Carson, and Drowne apparently agree that past preoccupation with Baldwin's social and political positions has deflected critics from exploring more subtle, complex, and paradoxical issues, such as the spiritual nature of identity and personality, and the artistic means Baldwin employs to dramatize these issues.
When this happens, the e-businesses will aggressively pursue individual investigations and prosecutions in an effort to dramatize and publicize the criminal nature of the activity and the serious jail time which will follow conviction, along with tougher laws.
At the time he received the Lifetime Achievement Award, he was videotaping bus riders in Los Angeles to dramatize the ordeal of getting from the ghetto to downtown L.
Television news shows have used clips from the fictional hit movie Outbreak to dramatize the spread of the Ebola virus in Zaire.
To dramatize the point, Lstiburek reported that a Federal study done 20 years ago to determine the locality with the worst air pollution problem in the U.