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This video dramatizes how a seemingly secure organization can be exposed and exploited through irresponsible end-user habits and casual attitudes toward established security controls/ policies.
The 80 000-pixel, three-colour LED display is linked to three computers, which generate two tickers of stok quotations that broaden and fan up, or narrow and dive down on the screens to colourfully dramatize shifts in price.
Along with Alice Walker's re-discovery of Zora Neale Hurston and the pastoral tradition, the last two decades have witnessed an explosion of writing by black women and the recuperation of a black female literary history that dramatizes a specifically urban sensibility suggested by the novels of, among others, Nella Larsen, Ann Petry, and, of course, Toni Morrison.
It dramatizes the wildfire scenario illustrating how the technology drives the actions of dispatchers and response personnel in an emergency operations center, in vehicles and in the field.
Tillim, who grew up in a South Africa still under apartheid, dramatizes the grotesque failure of colonialism, whose patronizing pretext of a "civilizing mission" is personified in one image by a nineteenth-century neoclassical sculpture of a maternal figure, half-Athena, half-Mary, coddling an awed black child.
ROSENSTRASSE'' dramatizes another little-known incident of anti- Holocaust courage.
Consisting entirely of real-life texts, it dramatizes the clash between Cardinal Law and the lawyer who confronted him in a historic 2002 deposition.
Written with a first-person perspective, Brides of Eden dramatizes a true story from Corvallis, Oregon, in 1903.
The walls form a maple lined corridor that, richly illuminated and with surfaces (including a sloping concrete floor) moving in all directions, dramatizes the act of entry and generates intriguing, odd-shape spaces.
Even more than Mars, Venus, rhetorically employing "gesture as pressure" (Dyck, 429), exploits delivery as she flaunts her beauty, and pathos as she dramatizes herself as the neglected daughter of an uncaring father.
In short, "Odyssey" dramatizes the perpetually temporal, the entirely subjective moment which is at once excruciatingly private yet self-consciously public and representative, both in process and aspiration.
The second evening Dondoro will appear by firelight on the Pillow grounds in a ritual dance entitled Keshin, which dramatizes a libidinous encounter between the spirit of the mountains, who is disguised as a fox, and a woman.