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The play's dramaturgic advocacy of resistance to tyranny also keys into the then "mood of the moment," at a time when many African states were struggling with issues of independence from colonialism.
In what Dennis Brisset and Charles Edgley describe as a dramaturgic transformation, he measures himself against the actor playing the role of Pyrrhus.
7) A ce titre, le propos de la dramaturgic rejoint ici de facon implacable les modalites de la representation filmique.
Newstok reproduces Burke's comments on a Washington University graduate student's paper on Troilus and Cressida (a good example of how far this ingenious editor has dug): Burke tells the student, "You are tending to write glosses from the standpoint of sheer portraiture, thereby losing somewhat the stress upon dramaturgic function.
In the masks lies one of the dramaturgic elements of the plot and for the discourse on terrorism, they capture the uniqueness of the story.
The dramaturgic structure of the show is standard and the choreographic content is largely uninventive, but peppered with excellence and resonant theatricality.
To surprise gently such persons with the glory of shadows in God's world or the flaws in a respectable public character such as Othello is the offering a poet or dramaturgic artist presents, especially to the imaginatively handicapped.
These, the extraordinarily interesting, neglected, and important historical coordinates within which Arnold examines Shakespeare's dramaturgic analysis of popular political representation, promise a pioneering study, perhaps of landmark magnitude.
The scene thus constitutes one of several instances where a non-Japanese speaking audience is bound to miss layers of dramaturgic, religious, and / or symbolic meaning.
It is also a lucid reflection of the dramatist on his own production: 'Revealing too are those points where there is friction between Corneille's dramaturgic or thematic preoccupation and an ironic turn of mind' (p.
According to Carlson, reiteration in theatre proceeds on at least four levels: spatial (theatre buildings), dramaturgic (plays), material (primarily actors) and the level of reception.
Noah was the best-known Jewish public figure in the antebellum United States, and both his journalistic and dramaturgic writings were widely cited as representations of Jewish opinion and tradition.