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They did address aesthetics and problems of socialist East Germany's theater where Brecht conducted his final dramaturgical and directorial experiments.
Wexler, Grant Havers, "Conspiracy : A Dramaturgical Explanation", International Journal of Group Tensions, No.
Schindler's book fulfills its promise to pay close attention to the Republic's dramaturgical components.
What is perhaps most interesting about McGuinness's drama is that it goes beyond the complexity of dramaturgical theory into the realm of practice, for theatre is never complete as text.
I can safely say that, other than the normal dramaturgical process of developing the play, I never really received any flack or limiting directives from a higher up.
The occasion could not have been a better one; for, beside procuring your esthetic and dramaturgical pleasure, the film was meant also to reflect on another practice of doing working-class history--although obviously this had not been the primary reason why we wrote and produced La Sarrasine.
By using a slightly smaller font than usual -- though it is easily readable -- Droz have not only published the complete text, but also allowed Servet 150 pages for the essential critical apparatus: an introduction (description of manuscripts, language, versification, a literary and dramaturgical analysis) and three glossaries (dramatis personae, proper names, lexical).
The same disciplines that are busy underscoring their collusions with narration have often privileged drama or alternated narrative and dramaturgical models.
A second irony is that most contributors showed no awareness of the dramaturgical nature of making sense of one's life (see Murray, 1985).
After conveniently encapsulating the results of his study of these pauranic and dramaturgical sources on pp.
Part 1, "Devising Text: Collaborative Decision Making," includes: Flint, "Teaching without Lecturing: A Lesson in (Re)Writing History" (16-25); Carly Halse, "Brief Encounters between Disciplines and Cultures: An Analysis of the Dramaturgical Quilting Bee" (26-36); Megan Hanley, "Are You an Inmate?