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At the same time, it's the color that was used in the first cave paintings, and it is also an important color in the dramaturgy of many films.
The music, above all, allows the generation of a dramaturgy wholly owned by the musical discourse.
With this case, we can study the recent development in television news dramaturgy, because the news engine quite abruptly introduced and accelerated the trend toward a return of the talking heads.
The pace of the text and the dramaturgy is not fluent; it looks as though for some reason they did not have enough time to work on the text, and as a result it feels too long and repetitive.
Its chapters use genre--'Tragedy', 'Revenge drama', 'Histories', 'Comedy, pastoral and romantic', 'City comedies', 'Satire', and 'Tragicomedy'--as the primary organizing principle, and the book punctuates these chapters with thirteen case studies, many of which explore aspects of early modern dramaturgy.
The first chapter, "Marlowe and the Dramaturgy of the Queen's Men," offers "a close intertextual study" of King John and Richard III which promises to "capture something of the effect of the Shakespeare histories on members of an audience with a prior experience of the plays performed by the Queen's Men" (30).
The terrorism, the great threat to the world, knows the global media dramaturgy well.
Manic-Depressive Dynamics and Dramaturgy in the Life of Graham Greene: An Author's Battle with the Devil Within.
Part 2 contains three chapters by three leading experts in Irish theater: an interview with a director of O'Casey's plays, plus essays on O'Casey's postcolonial dramaturgy and O'Casey and class.
The scenography was carried out by Badr Al-Rashidi, while music for the play was prepared by Majid Al-Abdullah, and dramaturgy by Al-Momani.
Steffen Alexander Schmidt was born in Berlin and teaches Dramaturgy of Opera and History of theater and Film Music in the Music and Theater Department of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).