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Dramaturgy is one of the last refuges of the obstinate generalist in a world of specialists, she says, and practitioners repeatedly engage in what educators call project-based learning.
Du Bois, and George Herbert Mead, then the ideas of theorists in the traditions of structural functionalism, critical theory, exchange and rational choice theories, symbolic interactionism and dramaturgy, phenomenology, theories of globalization, and other traditions.
Get a grip: Dramaturgy, its associations with pedantry and esoterica notwithstanding, can make for enlightening, even exhilarating, journalism!
Genres and styles are discussed, as well as theater in practice, with descriptions of directing, acting, voice coaching, dramaturgy, costume design, and stages.
Bishop describes Shakespeare's practice as "the dramaturgy of a deep psychology of metaphor" (177) that self-consciously uses wonder to stimulate the audience's self-consciousness.
In this collection of new and original essays, Canadian performers and scholars in English, dramaturgy, theater, and arts journalism detail the work and impact of Canadian playwright Sharon Pollock and her roles as actor, director, theater administrator, critic, and teacher.
Appel directed Chekhov's final play 14 years ago, but she hadn't considered penning her own version until prompted by OSF director of literary development and dramaturgy Lue Morgan Douthit.
For readers intrigued by British playwright Pinter's acceptance speech for the 2005 Nobel Prize for drama, Grimes (English and theater, Saint Leo U,) investigates the intersection between his political commitments and his unique dramaturgy. Among his perspectives are the tradition of political theater, the new right, retroactive readings of early plays, the permanence of power, fascism, and the Holocaust.
Chapter 4's incisive analysis of two chronologically distant autos illustrates Calderon's evolving dramaturgy:
Dramaturgy in the Making: A User's Guide for Theatre Practitioners
Jason Butler Harner, who plays Ivan Turgenev, casts a practiced actor's eye on backstage life--the project's long and complex rehearsal process; the challenges of Stoppard's dramaturgy; the pleasures and perils of working in what amounts to a classic repertory company, assembled for a one-time-only collaboration.
The 23 contributions address such topics as the presentation of self, vocabularies of motive, and the dramaturgy of the political rally.