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He challenges Aristotlean dogma and its modern adherents by positing and illustrating the dialectical nature of dramaturgy and aims to elevate the screenplay as a vehicle for artistic vision similar to stage plays, novels, and poetry.
I'll be discussing the dramaturgy in detail with Hasan El-Dunia, the man behind it.
Catholicism was the faith of England's past and whatever Shakespeare's own doctrinal affiliations we should be neither shocked nor surprised to find Catholicism underlying his dramaturgy as well as his portrait" (6).
Still, better to have a straightforward and effective dramatic treatment of the tale--one that fulfills an important function as a point of reference or serves a useful purpose in classroom teaching--than to endure a production whose modern or postmodern distortions obscure the original's dramaturgy to the point of nonexistence.
The 'Sea of Blood'-style opera," he observes, "has opened up a new phase in dramaturgy.
In fact, Pallet shows that Milk Train represents a watershed in Williams's dramaturgy, as Williams, always a rapid assimilator of influences, absorbed the work of Yukio Mishima, substantially abandoning a traditionally Western neorealistic approach for more international techniques.
45pm The Dark Arts of Dramaturgy - With RSC Dramaturg, Paul Sirret 3pm-4pm The Actor and Shakespeare - With theatre legend and Voice expert, Cicely Berry 4.
In his well-considered response, he suggests convincingly that "the excitement of the Tudor stage derives partly from a humanist dramaturgy that embroils feelings and emotions in the creation of meaning" (1).
Lynch's essay both supplements our understanding of Go Tell It On the Mountain and increases our admiration of Baldwin's dramaturgy.
plotting of the plays and the management of sources, dramaturgy of
In applying dramatism to the state--with reference to the use of dramaturgy by anthropologist Victor Turner -Stark moves closer to empirical analysis, in chapter 7 (p.
Absent the great moral dramaturgy of King's day," Frady writes, "Jackson was left to struggle in the vague spiritual flats of a more prosaic and middling season to find his apotheosis, his mountaintop.