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Prolamina's multi-coextrusion lines produce coated nonwovens that are soft and drapable, yet have the ability to pass stringent barrier requirements against blood and blood-borne pathogens.
Coform nonwovens result in a thick, pillow-like sheet that is drapable and cloth-like.
Web properties can be tailored by the selection of resin-spinning conditions and downstream treatment, resulting in soft, drapable, and tear-resistant fabrics that encompass a range of elasticity.
Everything today has to be textural, soft and drapable.
These soft, drapable fabrics can be placed in a mold and hot pressed, causing the resin to melt and wet out the glass reinforcements.
The electrically heatable and drapable materials, which have a good resin capacity, were designed specifically for panel heaters and electrodes.
Right now, we're seeing a lot of ethereal looks, very flowing and drapable.