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The latest collection of draped dresses is now available at the SM Ladies' Fashion department.
Over several years, it was the main concern of drape researchers to accurately record the draped contour.
The saree draped in the front showed off its beautiful border and Sarju topped it off with typical Gujarati accessories in her hair, plus necklaces and bangles.
Retro chic: Kelly at Cannes Fairytale elegance: Marchesa ballgown Got it draped: Donna Karan showcases classic cut Best Actress: Portman Best Actor: Firth
The Chinese embassy in Manila sent e-mail messages to media agencies, saying: "Television reports showed that Rolando Mendoza, the cold-blooded hostage-taker, was laid in his house in a coffin draped in the Philippine national flag".
This work represents a boldly economic gesture: The artist draped a seventy-five-foot-long, ten-foot-high, paint-saturated canvas in swathes along two of the gallery's walls.
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Caption: Gorgeous blue ensemble of body-tied bodice worn over sarong draped skirt.
We avoided pressing the gauze onto the backsides of the containers in order to prevent locking the bowl inside the draped plaster.
Turn your bedroom into the retreat of your dreams with the latest styles of beautiful draped canopies.
Each baby reclined in a seat placed in a playpen whose sides were draped by a yellow liner with green squares.
The beauty of any magnificent oak or cypress is marvelously enhanced when the limbs are draped with wisps of this maverick pineapple.