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Serving the industry for over 30 years, Nicole Draperies has successfully established itself as a leading window covering and drapery store in Toronto.
For over 50 years, Rowley has provided residential and commercial drapery workrooms, upholstery shops, installers and designers with tools and supplies for the fabrication of custom window treatments and home decor.
In the second step, a drapery layer was modeled as a series of uniformly arranged rectangular pleats.
Their results showed that the trans-mittance of the drapery at normal incidence was almost the same as that of the fabric.
Curtain rods are the highest volume sellers in drapery hardware.
The Federal Register posted a notice seeking industry comments, zeroing in on cotton and man-made fiber curtains and drapery.
The close, although by no means exact similarity of design between the Louvre drapery study and Ghirlandalo's S Giusto Virgin is an inescapable fact, despite attempts by some scholars in the pro Leonardo camp to minimise--or even disregard--this visual evidence.
Not only is the comparison inconclusive when the images are confronted, but the styles of drapery in the two paintings are so different as to increase doubts as to the common source.
The Metro drapery hardware line is available in both 7/8″ and 1-1/4″ diameter rods.
Kirsch is a long established window covering and drapery hardware brand.
A well-established high-end drapery workroom that caters primarily to the design trade.
TRIPPLET PROJECT--PAGES 116-118: DINING ROOM: paint (ceiling): 2008-5c "Tomato Bisque" by Lowe's; artwork: Jackie Meena; drapery fabric: Schumacher, www.