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If you have substituted yarn and weren't entirely happy with the results, you probably ran into trouble with one of the "big three" principles: elasticity, stitch definition, and drape.
Surgical drapes are an important component of surgical items being used during device implantation.
By exempting surgical drapes with antimicrobials from the 510(k) preclearance pathway, manufacturers will no longer be required to provide data to FDA for review.
Drapes N Shade provides wooden blinds and sun shades for the rooms.
I have always been inspired by the structure of drapes and we did it in a much more focused way and off course we have used a lot of colours.
The chapter on knit designs is clearly revised and includes new drapes for current styles of tops, leggings, and dress styles.
It's one of those dresses that become a conversation point, especially among designers for its novelty of drape or silhouette.
The pieces represent swing coats, swagger jackets and drapes, and make for a unique, lovely collection of knitting instructions any needlework library needs.
Drapes are used heavily throughout the collection, with shapes that wrap across the body in sculptural forms and fabrics that look almost liquid to the touch.
Health care providers consistently underestimate the amount of postpartum blood loss, and adding calibrations to vaginal delivery drapes could improve blood loss estimates, results of a randomized crossover study suggest.
Drape Kings is a nationwide supplier of drapes and related products for the entertainment and event industry.
The most unique feature of Galen -- the large window on the north end of the arena that gives a magnificent daytime view of the city's downtown skyline -- was covered by cardinal drapes for USC's last afternoon game against Washington State because Fox Sports producers complained of a glare.