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An exquisite design and concise, well-written copy together with beautiful photographs ensures that the book is not just pleasing to look at, but an excellent and full-proof guide to the practical art of draping a sari.
Under this deal, both companies will collaborate to add new Interventional Draping products to QSUM s infection-control product range.
The $2,000 Gold in the Children's Category was clinched by Chamaiporn Pongpanich of Thailand for a moving and reverential portrait of monks, draping a brown and gold cloth round the trunk of a huge tropical tree.
To say draping the Hollywood sign so we can have more tourists come to Hollywood?
FiberSIM software provides a complete design environment for composite parts, including a draping simulation tool that generates accurate data on fiber orientations.
This award was granted to Knowledge Anywhere for their work on Allegiance Healthcare's web-based course, "Convertors 101," which covers the basic concepts of surgical draping and sterile techniques.