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Writing an effective textbook on the art and techniques of garment draping is a difficult undertaking.
Earlier, government agencies said the hostage-taker's family, not them, had been responsible for draping the flag on the hostage-taker's coffin.
THE TREND: Soft silhouettes THE EXPERT: Gemma Metheringham, creative director and joint managing director, Karen Millen SHE SAYS: "The S S10 season will be softer overall, after an autumn of sharp shoulders and protective black we're ready for more fluidity and draping with neutral shades, such as smoky grey, nudes and white.
The software simulates deformation with single- or double-sided tooling, either draping with heat and gravity or thermoforming with heat and vacuum.
Nicks wore a diaphanous black dress Friday, draping it periodically with pinkish shawls or wraps and shaking a ribbon-festooned tambourine that - given the acoustics - only she could possibly hear.
Their first dress design came simply by draping fabric on a model.