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Gaston's organization argues that the labels are forcing people to buy DualDiscs by drastically undercutting the price as compared to a separate CD/DVD combo.
The 2001 table drastically reduces the reserves insurers will be required to hold, thus granting them the opportunity to redesign products and to reduce premiums.
Asynchronous Replication: Asynchronous replication solutions are bringing scalable and cost-effective enterprise-level backup capability into the midrange market, helping enterprises to drastically reduce exposure to disasters and other data protection problems.
Steel prices are rising drastically and capriciously.
Conference chairman Dan Oswald of Lawrence Ragan Communications said, "The specialized-information industry has changed drastically over the past few years.
Germ theory, the discovery of ether and the invention of electric lights drastically re-shaped surgery.
Over the years, activity decreased drastically as road transportation grew, and as guerrilla groups positioned themselves along the rivers edge.
The World Council of Churches, the world's biggest ecumenical organization, is to cut spending drastically in the face of severe financial problems.
Toyo Construction's [yen]30 drop is cited as one such example of unfounded rumors drastically affecting stock prices.
A russian inventor and a detroit veteran claim their hybrid drive system can do the impossible: drastically cut emissions, improve performance, and increase fuel economy without adding significant cost or weight to a vehicle plus, they say, their "power amplified internal combustion engine" does so without resorting to exotic materials or unproven technology.