draw an inference

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The NGT had actually said that they were "unable to appreciate why the Joint Committee could not draw an inference from failure of the project proponent to provide the requisite documents and take further action on that basis, including prosecution for violation of conditions of environment and recovery of compensation for the damage to the environment after following due procedure in accordance with law."
"If the State intended to draw an inference that Rice must be a proponent of the death penalty because he had committed these homicides, it could have explicitly drawn that inference," Russell wrote.
at 388-389, the court specifically refused to draw an inference from the passage of time, stating that '[t]he significant change in circumstances must involve more than the mere passage of time, because a judge who issues a permanent order knows that time will pass.
There is, therefore, no basis in fact upon which a jury could draw an inference that the extra width would have spared the plaintiff from a fall, and the plaintiff thus failed to establish that 'but for' the railroad's negligence, he would not have fallen."
Pakistan is a comparatively small player in the worldwide ad game, but regional statistics or figures would have certainly piqued Pakistani readers' interest and one could draw an inference that a similar erosion of the traditional client-ad agency model is underway here as well.
To draw an inference from the collected material is a judge's work not an IO's,' Haris said.
Even in the limited circumstances in which a prosecutor may legitimately urge the jury to draw an inference adverse to the defendant under the missing witness rule, there is no need for the court to endorse that element of the prosecutor's argument.
Were Paul Worthington in the dock, the jury would be entitled to draw an inference from his refusal to answer questions.
"I can draw an inference that in that car with you was the shotgun, loaded and ready to use.
There is no evidence indicating that Mr Hussain had formed a settled plan to attack a particular section of railway line but you may think that it would be reasonable to draw an inference that Mr Hussain had at the least contemplated the use of railway lines as a potential target for a terrorist attack."
"If there is no explanation for moving the body and lying, you might be entitled to draw an inference that the person is guilty of murder.
According to Goodyear.com, "Like Newton's falling apple, he maintained, the hot stove incident held meaning only fbr the man 'whose mind was prepared to draw an inference: "