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To aim a firearm, or deadly weapon, at a particular target.

To prepare a written bill of exchange, Commercial Paper, draft, or negotiable instrument and place one's signature on it, creating a legal obligation under its terms. To write a document, such as a deed, complaint, or petition, including the essential information necessary to make it legally effective upon its execution by the designated parties.

To lawfully remove money from an account held in a bank, treasury, or other depository.


v. 1) to prepare any document. 2) specifically to have prepared and sign a bill of exchange or check.


to write in due form. In relation to a BILL OF EXCHANGE, to draw a bill is to write it (draw it) in such a way that an unconditional order is addressed to another (the drawee).
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Visitors can draw from observation in the drawing studio and contribute their work to the museum's giant drawing wall.
23.19) similarly used that term, which he claims to draw from the vocabulary of painters, to discuss the proper relationship between literary imitation and its sources.(38) The letter merits close examination, for Petrarch's reference to pictorial practice is embedded in an exceptionally rich discussion of imitation's ultimate goal -- the attainment of a distinctly personal style.