draw inferences

References in classic literature ?
What thou sayest is true, Sancho," replied Don Quixote; "but I have already told thee there are many sorts of enchantments, and it may be that in the course of time they have been changed one for another, and that now it may be the way with enchanted people to do all that I do, though they did not do so before; so it is vain to argue or draw inferences against the usage of the time.
They are more likely to be able to read between the lines and draw inferences on their own, rather than needing to have everything spelled out explicitly for them.
Although artificial intelligence (AI) is not accepted scientific terminology, its common use refers to teaching a computer to reason and draw inferences from available data.
For example, if we encounter anxiety about prostitution persistently associated with discourses of immigration and national 'degeneration' then these discursive affinities or connections, considered in the light of analyses of the socio-economic circumstances of the groups or strata experiencing these anxieties, allow us to draw inferences with some degree of confidence about the underlying causes.
Moreover, it is hard to see how that CFO would make use of the actual texts of financial reinsurance agreements which comprise the second half of this book, since there is virtually no commentary to accompany them, no attempt to compare them, to draw inferences, nor to suggest how they might serve as templates in a non-insurance company situation.
My fear is some people are going to draw inferences if the tournament is not a tremendous success.
I present an alternative framework for combining qualitative and quantitative information in order to draw inferences of an unobservable variable.
Armed with the point estimates of [Beta] and [Gamma], and their standard errors, the next step is to draw inferences concerning their population values.
They read, but not well enough to mine texts for information that require them to draw inferences.
Some say it's the capacity to see connections and to draw inferences that aren't obvious, that are unprecedented.
It's not compulsory, but the court can draw inferences if she refuses.
These works draw inferences about the magnitudes of some of the key parameters of a monetary economy based on studies of the U.