draw inferences

References in classic literature ?
What thou sayest is true, Sancho," replied Don Quixote; "but I have already told thee there are many sorts of enchantments, and it may be that in the course of time they have been changed one for another, and that now it may be the way with enchanted people to do all that I do, though they did not do so before; so it is vain to argue or draw inferences against the usage of the time.
He told them they can draw inferences, but should not guess about any aspect of the evidence.
My purpose is only to note that, subject to these limitations, one legitimate form of constitutional argumentation is to draw inferences from constitutional institutions.
The essays present insights and draw inferences on 'change' over the last 30-40 years.
Neither company has unveiled details of how this support model will work, however, so our ability to draw inferences as to its function is limited.
Tenders are invited for To document bird population changes by examining the key demographic parameters (vital rates) such as productivity, survivorship, and recruitment; and to draw inferences about the factors that drive bird populations in riparian areas of especial importance as the backdrops for popular Sierra Nevada WSRs.
online-only): Draw inferences based on supporting details in the text.
But the court was entitled to draw inferences against him to the criminal standard required for an individual to be jailed for contempt.
Having said that, others might draw inferences about such matters from findings in fact made in the report submitted to Scottish ministers and based upon evidence evaluated by me.
Students recognise and analyse data and draw inferences.
Jerry Hayes said his client was aware that her silence could be used to draw inferences.
To draw inferences I need to rely on what I know of the individuals who contribute to decision-making their backgrounds etc all of which help guide me to reasonable possible explanations to understand their conduct.