draw lots

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Now everything is about money and replacing people with machines and robots, To get the right operator online to assist nowadays, we might as well draw lots, The sooner we get back to using human beings again, the better it will be for us all, So start using small shops and market stalls again, and show big business the door.
With the scores in the runoff tied again by abstention, Paris won when the Estonian minister chairing the meeting again had to draw lots.
Doncaster racing manager Stephen Gray spoke to the connections of the other five greyhounds and it was agreed to draw lots to decide which three qualified with the fortunate trio being Coolavanny Smash, Cuba Libre and Keplar Nine.
If guessing what number comes out is not your idea of passing the time, you could use it to draw lots between 20 people or less.
Moreover, in the event of one of the matches finishing level after extra time, the teams would draw lots to see who went through to the semis.
The Comelec held the draw lots in Intramuros with the representatives of different media outfits to know which coalition will host the presidential debate in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
Official guidelines signed off on last year state that in such a situation it will be necessary to draw lots to see who progresses to the All-Ireland quarter-finals to play Wexford.
At least 22 states draw lots to settle legislative ties.
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