draw near

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In this same eastern outpost, another United Nations peacekeeper, unable to communicate with a 13-year-old Swahili-speaking girl who walked past him, held up a cookie and gestured for her to draw near," continued the New York Times account.
The shallow-pitched roof flows seamlessly out of the walls, creating a symbolic shelter that seems to dissolve as you draw near - much like the sharply cut lines that Hiroshige used to represent a downpour.
As the Holy Father himself put it on September 3, 2002 at the start of The Legacy of the Popes progression, "May all who visit the exhibition, Saint Peter and the Vatican, in admiring the beauty of the works of art contained therein, draw near with confidence to Jesus Christ the Redeemer, who made the Apostle Peter his vicar on earth.
35) can make the most of a plum draw near the inside rail to beat some well-regarded rivals at Beverley today.