draw off

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The film tells the story of three women who live in harmony with nature, not succumbing to anyone with the force they draw off their labour in nature: a shepherd who lives with her flock in the mountains; a fisher who goes out to the sea everyday although she can not swim; and a farmer who cares for her home and buys and sells fields.
The crew radioed an SOS and a rescue team with two boats equipped with pumps to draw off the water from the sinking vessel were deployed.
Hospital district officials have said they fear that a new private hospital would draw off patients with insurance, leaving Antelope Valley Hospital caring for a higher percentage of patients unable to pay for their treatment.
In the end, the scientists' and trappers essentially agree about how to sustain Maine's lobsters and draw off of each other's findings in order to preserve lobsters and the business of lobstering.
Players would have to deposit money in their online account first, then let the computer draw off the account every day.
The worms will produce a liquid which you can draw off and use as a very rich fertiliser.