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To aim a firearm, or deadly weapon, at a particular target.

To prepare a written bill of exchange, Commercial Paper, draft, or negotiable instrument and place one's signature on it, creating a legal obligation under its terms. To write a document, such as a deed, complaint, or petition, including the essential information necessary to make it legally effective upon its execution by the designated parties.

To lawfully remove money from an account held in a bank, treasury, or other depository.

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v. 1) to prepare any document. 2) specifically to have prepared and sign a bill of exchange or check.

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to write in due form. In relation to a BILL OF EXCHANGE, to draw a bill is to write it (draw it) in such a way that an unconditional order is addressed to another (the drawee).
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In March the 19-year-old made his top-team debut against Athletic Bilbao in a 0-0 draw played in front a sell-out crowd of 40,000.
This enables him to cover any draw plays, which we actually prefer to see because it eats up the clock.
The draw plays too much of a role at York, especially for the mile-and-seven-furlong races.
THE THRILLING draw played out between Dublin and Meath in the Leinster SFC at Croke Park yesterday is set to boost GAA coffers by almost EUR2.5M.
Punters staked record amounts for a Premiership game and the draw played right in to the hands of the layers.
But the draw played a vital part, as only the first four pegs fished.
Clairwood is a tight course where the draw plays an important part in all races, especially over seven furlongs where the first bend is very close to the start.
There was no doubt that the draw played a vital part in the soft ground at Newcastle yesterday and, taking that into account, there was much to like about the performance of Propellor in the TSG Sophos Maiden Auction Stakes.