draw the inference

See: assume, suppose
References in classic literature ?
They were all listening now, and of course there was somebody to be arch, or at any rate to draw the inference.
But I do not mean by this to draw the inference that no credit is to be allowed for the work of translating, for a man may employ himself in ways worse and less profitable to himself.
Asked about what Morrow had to say over the death of Ms Huyton, the detective added: "He tried to draw the inference there was a third party responsible for the death.
Singh also said that just on the basis of international acceptance for Modi in recent times, one can't draw the inference that he would be made the PM candidate.
He told the court it could probably draw the inference that Morris had been holding the drugs for the other person present so that he would not get caught.
He added the court did not consider the case in a vacuum, and it would be unrealistic to do so and the court could draw the inference from the circumstances and medical evidence that Mille suffered a period of physical abuse prior to her death.
The court made it clear that the cardiologist had the right to draw the inference that the patient had been cleared for the contrast dye procedure by virtue of the fact that he had been brought to the cardiac catheterization facility for the procedure.
We draw the inference that the investigating team considered that they were less likely to hear the truth from a black individual.
But Judge Christopher Hodson rejected that, telling Warner: "I draw the inference that I am sure your possession of the firearm was for more than just the period when you were sitting in the car.
I would ask the court to draw the inference that Mr Lockwood took the money for his own personal gain.
Justice Scalia's opinion for the Court emphasized that jurors might well draw the inference even without a prosecutor asking them to do so.
If, under these facts and circumstances, one cannot draw the inference that China has been acting to prevent effective balance-of-payments adjustment, when would the U.