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DRAWBACK, com. law. An allowance made by the government to merchants on the reexportation of certain imported goods liable to duties, which, in some cases, consists of the whole; in others, of a part of the duties which had been paid upon the importation. For the various acts of congress which regulate drawbacks, see Story, L. U. S. Index, h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"The release of the cash equivalent of import VAT TCCs and Drawback TCCs shall be subject to availability of funds appropriated for the purpose as accorded by budget execution subject o existing rules, in consultation with DBM," Customs said.
One drawback that may put off potential buyers could be Microsoft's live tiles feature, which users who are used to Android and iOS user interface may find intimidating.
DRAWBACKS Main course could have done with some gravy.
In the qualitative sections of the survey, participants were asked to report their perceptions of the benefits and drawbacks of engaging in each risky driving behavior using open-ended responses.
Drawbacks: The drawback is that both the sender and receiver must use application and your texts are stored on Tiger Text's database, so while ideally you'd want to be able to casually pass confidential information, we suggest being careful.
Drawbacks: Not all previous employers will be open about the candidate and his or her performance.
Drawbacks: Wood can be pricey, depending on the wood species used, as well as on things like special lite cuts.
Drawbacks: Some people might be turned off by the sudden bursts into song, and a dead body in the pilot makes this one feel like it might be more procedural than fun.
As a result, the technology has the potential to overcome the drawbacks associated with current egg-based methods used to manufacture vaccines, such as storage and capacity constraints.
Conventional equipment for structural foam has drawbacks that can compromise part quality and consistency, says Prof.