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A person who orders a bank to withdraw money from an account to pay a designated person a specific sum according to the term of a bill, a check, or a draft. An individual who writes and signs a Commercial Paper, thereby becoming obligated under its terms.


n. the person who signs a bill of exchange. (See: bill of exchange)


a person who draws a BILL OF EXCHANGE. See DRAW.

DRAWER, contracts. The party who makes a bill of exchange.
     2. The obligations of the drawer to the drawee and every subsequent holder lawfully entitled to the possession, are, that the person on whom he draws is capable of binding himself by his acceptance that he is to be found at the place where he is described to reside, if a description be given in the bill; that if the bill be duly presented to him, he will accept in writing on the bill itself, according to its tenor, and that he will pay it when it becomes due, if presented in proper time for that purpose; and that if the drawee fail to do either, he, the drawer, will pay the amount, provided he have due notice of the dishonor. 3. The engagement of the drawer of a bill is in all its parts absolute and irrevocable. 2 H. Bl. 378; 3 B. & P. 291; Poth. Contr. de Change, n. 58; Chit. Bills, 214, Dane's Ab. h.t.

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"You wave $10,000 in front of someone's face," said Anna Johnson, "and they are going to jump for it." By "someone," Johnson meant women like herself, shuttling between welfare and dead-end jobs, single, already supporting a child, with a drawerful of bills and not much hope for the future.
"I have a drawerful of songs that are half-finished, that I've never played to anyone except my cat.
I might have a drawerful of lacy thongs for all they know, and before I go any further I would like to add that their idea of old- fashioned knickers is anything that covers a belly button - not those roomy knee-length elasticated leg sort my granny used to expose when she sat on a low chair.
Marsya Lennox picks four houses from a drawerful of 'million-pounders'
I've got a drawerful of letters in my desk that ask the same questions.
Stevenson said: "I have been restless at the channel for some time now and have a drawerful of ideas that as an editor I simply can't pursue."
Popular with ice-maidens - Ulrika Jonsson's got a drawerful.
I would always dream of being able to wear earrings and now I have a drawerful.
From grannies who basted their legs brown during the war to their granddaughters with a drawerful of Wonderbras, we have never been above making the most of our natural assets.