drawing conclusions

See: dialectic
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This is, indeed, no other than the faculty of seeing what is before your eyes, and of drawing conclusions from what you see.
advised the media to refrain from drawing conclusions based on anecdotes, and wait for the results of the investigations.
WALES' student leader has warned against drawing conclusions from the number of university applications.
The institute has issued a publication aimed at drawing conclusions from the major health tragedies of the past to more effectively define a strategy, notably for trade unions, to combat occupational cancers.
Volume 1 largely focuses on presenting the raw data, while Volume 2 is more heavily invested in analyzing and drawing conclusions from the data in Volume 1; the combined omnibus is a valuable reference and research tool for archaeologists, and a welcome addition to college and professional libraries.
Judging in the ethical sense means drawing conclusions from a combination of observation, critical thinking, and a sense of right and wrong.
A summary article drawing conclusions from the specific discussions would have been helpful.
He writes about the power of the adaptive unconscious, a part of the brain that allows people to sift through information and act quickly, and in making his case, he pays special attention to the theory of "thin slicing" which is the act of drawing conclusions from "narrow slices of experience.
Drawing conclusions from last year's meeting of the Episcopal Church in the United States (ECUSA), where media interest was unprecedented and protesters passed out leaflets to members, organizers put in place stringent security measures.
public health response system is interesting and thoughtfully presented but lacks sufficient and carefully documented detail to aid the reader in drawing conclusions and formulating solutions.
I'd be cautious about drawing conclusions from one study"