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To aim a firearm, or deadly weapon, at a particular target.

To prepare a written bill of exchange, Commercial Paper, draft, or negotiable instrument and place one's signature on it, creating a legal obligation under its terms. To write a document, such as a deed, complaint, or petition, including the essential information necessary to make it legally effective upon its execution by the designated parties.

To lawfully remove money from an account held in a bank, treasury, or other depository.


v. 1) to prepare any document. 2) specifically to have prepared and sign a bill of exchange or check.


to write in due form. In relation to a BILL OF EXCHANGE, to draw a bill is to write it (draw it) in such a way that an unconditional order is addressed to another (the drawee).
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But the "Caravaggio" biopic is drawing fire from Italy's gay community--and the Vatican--over how the maestro of chiaroscuro's supposed homosexuality is depicted.
STRATEGIST LET GO: After angering Canada's ambassador to the United States and drawing fire from the NAACP over his work on what many saw as a racist television commercial for the Republican candidate in Tennessee's Senate race, a chief architect behind the creation of a new image for Wal-Mart has been fired by the company.
A new government Web site aimed at helping parents talk to their teens about sex and abstinence is drawing fire from reproductive-rights advocates.