drawing near

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I judged at once that some of my shipmates must be drawing near along the borders of the fen.
With those words, Miss Sally put the meat away and locked the safe, and then drawing near to the small servant, overlooked her while she finished the potatoes.
Vacation was almost over, and the time drawing near when Mac would be left outside the happy school-world which he so much enjoyed.
The excitement grew intense; the regiment which was watching the encounter forgot its discipline, and, drawing near, shouted and groaned at every stroke.
Phileas Fogg, like a racehorse, was drawing near his last turning-point.
Because of firsthand knowledge gained from years of drawing near to God, David knew that His presence and love is more satisfying than "the richest feast" (Psalm 63:5), "better than life itself" (Psalm 63:3)--a love that satisfies even in a "parched and weary land where there is no water" (Psalm 63:1).
The fresh appointment was made after the MNA requested his party leadership to relieve him as information secretary as the general elections are drawing near.
Singer-actress-TV host Nikki Gil is truly drawing near to giving birth.
Pavleski said the invest boom continued and foreign investors were encouraged because they felt the end of the political crisis was drawing near.
The Afghan security forces have beefed up security operations against militants recently as spring and summer known as fighting seasons are drawing near in the country.
There may be doom and gloom over at the Mitchells' but for Stacey and Martin the biggest day of their lives is drawing near.
special envoy Staffan de Mistura's comments about the positive stance he has seen from Moscow, Tehran and Damascus on a transitional government, you might think that peace in Syria is drawing near.