drawing near

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I judged at once that some of my shipmates must be drawing near along the borders of the fen.
With those words, Miss Sally put the meat away and locked the safe, and then drawing near to the small servant, overlooked her while she finished the potatoes.
Monte Cristo suddenly struck his finger on his forehead and a smile passed over his lips; then drawing near to Ali, he whispered, --
Vacation was almost over, and the time drawing near when Mac would be left outside the happy school-world which he so much enjoyed.
The excitement grew intense; the regiment which was watching the encounter forgot its discipline, and, drawing near, shouted and groaned at every stroke.
Phileas Fogg, like a racehorse, was drawing near his last turning-point.
Utterson had been some minutes at his post, when he was aware of an odd light footstep drawing near.
On a fine Sunday it presents this appearance nearly all day long, while, up the stream, and down the stream, lie, waiting their turn, outside the gates, long lines of still more boats; and boats are drawing near and passing away, so that the sunny river, from the Palace up to Hampton Church, is dotted and decked with yellow, and blue, and orange, and white, and red, and pink.
June 13, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- In the new book, Why God Why: Drawing Near to God When Life Hurts ($13.
Summary: With the end of the summer holidays drawing near, it's time to start thinking about the new school year, but heading to your nearest bookstore to pick up the latest textbooks is becoming a thing of the past, as technology is replacing traditional ways of teaching and learning.
The tender for completion of studies for construction of the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal is drawing near, followed by a tender for building, reports Panamaamerica.
God called your name so softly that only you could hear and no one heard the footsteps of Angels drawing near, my thoughts are forever with you though you have passed away, I loved you dearly and I'm thinking of you today and every day.