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Hence, too, might be drawn a weighty lesson from the little-regarded truth, that the act of the passing generation is the germ which may and must produce good or evil fruit in a far-distant time; that, together with the seed of the merely temporary crop, which mortals term expediency, they inevitably sow the acorns of a more enduring growth, which may darkly overshadow their posterity.
Its whole visible exterior was ornamented with quaint figures, conceived in the grotesqueness of a Gothic fancy, and drawn or stamped in the glittering plaster, composed of lime, pebbles, and bits of glass, with which the woodwork of the walls was overspread.
It needs to be drawn again so that the 'thinking' is dualistic, running backwards and forwards between 'what has been and what may be'.
Made from a profoundly embodied perspective, one from which vision is understood as fundamentally corporeal, Heydenreich's drawn images paradoxically often appear distorted because of their unusual faithfulness to the realities of perception.
The face, delicately drawn with thin black lines on nearly clear vellum, has no color whatsoever, only set off from the paper by straightened black locks of hair and a blue background.