drawn battle

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Sachdeva feels the battle for the rights of younger persons in India is a long drawn battle as the system is against their freedom to choose life partner.
By adopting a proactive approach, we would be supporting Palestinians in their long drawn battle for respect for international law and for their inalienable rights.
If anything, the intent may be to assist those who have drawn battle lines on this issue to understand each other better, to regard each other with more generosity of spirit and to offer each other more hospitality in the debate over ideas.
The Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had a long drawn battle from the time General Musharraf was the president of that country.
Judge Tom Head invokes 'what if Obama re-elected' to get more money for public safety (Lubbock Avalance-Journal): "Both sides of the county property tax issue have drawn battle lines with County Judge Tom Head planting a battle axe in the middle of the fray by advocating more money for public safety.
According to him, the war against the militancy was along drawn battle and needed long-term joint efforts.
TAXI driver George Brodie has drawn battle lines with his local council after a row over a parking bay drove him to distraction.
With a long, drawn battle ahead, the Pindaris turn to their strongest and bravest comrade, Veer.
After flexing its muscles in a long drawn battle, the Indian cricket board finally delivered the knockout punch on the Indian Cricket League (ICL).
And, more than 60 years on, Wales's rugby coach Gareth Jenkins has drawn battle lines with some elements of the Welsh media.