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'Tis a dread presentiment That in the end the seer will prove not blind.
This is the man whom Oedipus long shunned, In dread to prove his murderer; and now He dies in nature's course, not by his hand.
"And Betts Shoreham has nothing to do with all this dread?"
Come Creon then, come all the mightiest In Thebes to seek me; for if ye my friends, Championed by those dread Powers indigenous, Espouse my cause; then for the State ye gain A great deliverer, for my foemen bane.
Rocinante took fright at the noise of the water and of the blows, but quieting him Don Quixote advanced step by step towards the houses, commending himself with all his heart to his lady, imploring her support in that dread pass and enterprise, and on the way commending himself to God, too, not to forget him.
He had a hovering dread of some resistance in Maggie's nature that he would be unable to overcome.
But each time he looked at her, he gathered a stronger dread of the new, quiet sadness with which she met his eyes.
I felt a sort of pitying anguish over the pathos of my own lot: the lot of a being finely organized for pain, but with hardly any fibres that responded to pleasure--to whom the idea of future evil robbed the present of its joy, and for whom the idea of future good did not still the uneasiness of a present yearning or a present dread. I went dumbly through that stage of the poet's suffering, in which he feels the delicious pang of utterance, and makes an image of his sorrows.
Seven years of wretchedness glide glibly over the lips of the man who has never counted them out in moments of chill disappointment, of head and heart throbbings, of dread and vain wrestling, of remorse and despair.
She suddenly felt ashamed of her duplicity, but even more she dreaded how he might meet her.
And the stern, stony expression that she so dreaded settled upon his face.
She regrets leaving the tranquil retirement of this remote sea-side place--she dreads change.