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However, according to a government order of 1993, it was clearly mentioned that those cops who have displayed exemplary courage and high moral value and those who have been involved in encounter or arrest of dreaded terrorists and criminals would be entitled for out of turn promotion," the RTI activist said.
According to information accessed through the RTI, the policemen who showed exemplary courage by eliminating dreaded dacoits in encounters were ignored for promotion even as the selected few who stayed close to the father of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav were given out of turn promotion.
In a joint operation conducted by the district police and the Border Security Force, a dreaded Maoist has been arrested.
In addition to the 16 percent that dreaded having to be nice to people, 24 percent said they dreaded seeing relatives and 15 percent said they did not look forward to attending holiday parties and events.
And computers crashing - the dreaded Windows 'bong' sound - proves how much of a blight PCs are on our lives.
A recent discovery reveals that even 9,000 years ago people had to endure the dreaded dentist's drill.
Normally a feisty, gregarious personality, Adam would mentally cocoon into herself to combat her fear of the dreaded role.
Is my software infected with the dreaded green triangle virus?
Harry's search for the boy who became the dreaded Lord Voldemort offers keys to his own personality and dangers in this latest fantasy of war and survival.
She dreaded being called on during class for fear of the embarrassment of not being able to answer questions others seemed to understand with little effort.
The overall goal is to help readers understand that not all radiation is to be equally dreaded and that some of the most feared radioactive elements are less dangerous than their less feared counterparts.
It may very well end up giving Rachel a chance at a normal life - a result none of us had thought would come out of this dreaded four hours.