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Alfred Vargas also called for constant vigilance against the dreaded disease.
Those who are involved in arresting or killing dreaded criminals should be promoted on the basis of priority.
And computers crashing - the dreaded Windows 'bong' sound - proves how much of a blight PCs are on our lives.
Jaipur: aFancy the morning cuppa with a bandit on the banks of the Chambal River, or dinner with a dreaded dacoit in the jungle?
Release from the grip of demoralizing anxiety can transform otherwise dreaded performing experiences into ones that are full of the joy of music.
And last, if the fad diet addresses the dreaded issue of regular exercise, it does so in passing or as an afterthought.
So Richard sprang into action and took control of a situation most men would have dreaded.
Many are worried about this and end up like an Old Testament ancient who said: 'What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me,' Job 3:25.
Suddenly and overnight, religious education was no longer dreaded by parents, kids, and catechists alike.
Those in grade 10 were more likely to agree that students dreaded coming to school.
Gereon Goldmann, a German Franciscan seminarian drafted into the dreaded SS during the Second World War.
I have a bad case of Dissertation Avoidance Complex or the dreaded DAC.