dreadful event

See: tragedy
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In the wake of a dreadful event, the less time people spend worrying about personal losses, the sooner your firm can get back to operating at full speed.
FOLLOWING the terrible atrocity at the Manchester Arena, let us not be critical of how others choose to mark this dreadful event or handle their grief.
He added: "He acknowledges this was a dreadful event and an unfulfilled life was lost.
This is a tragic and dreadful event clearly designed to incite fear and terror into the French population," she added.
They have turned what was a dreadful event in their lives into something positive which has helped so many other families - and not just in this area.
He added: "This area has suffered many tragedies over the last number of years and this is another dreadful event that will shock the entire community.
Speaking in 10 Downing Street following talks with Irish Taioseach Enda Kenny, Mr Cameron said: "This was obviously an absolutely dreadful event that has taken place, and one's heart just goes out to those families in Kandahar who have suffered these appalling losses.
I know I speak for everyone in expressing my deepest sympathy to all who have been affected by this dreadful event, and especially to the families and friends of those who have died or were injured.
They said: "We hope that if anything positive comes from this dreadful event, it is that others will make the right decisions to be safe.
This dreadful event has caused many of our clients terrible losses.
After the officer completed his evidence, Judge Mr Justice Davis told him: "This was a dreadful event for you, as it was a dreadful event for many people in this courtroom.
James Harvey Insole began building his mansion in Llandaff in the year of that dreadful event.