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I used to wish I could have this flattering dream about Antonia, but I never did.
Why, the dream that I am in Arthur's court -- a person who never existed; and that I am talking to you, who are nothing but a work of the imagination.
Well, den, I reck'n I did dream it, Huck; but dog my cats ef it ain't de powerfullest dream I ever see.
It was this: "Pretty thin -- as long a dream as that, without any mistakes in it
Frank Churchill might haveI do not mean to say that he did not dream itI am sure I have sometimes the oddest dreams in the worldbut if I am questioned about it, I must acknowledge that there was such an idea last spring; for Mrs.
I laid me down and I slept, but a dream arose and sat by me with a hooded face, and showed me a picture.
Then in her dream she felt how hard the spirits tried to tempt and trouble her, and how, but for her flower, they would have led her back, and made all dark and dreary as before.
And so it happens, that though my words make a pretty strong impression at the moment, yet my auditors invariably remember them only as a dream.
Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?
When he fell into a heavy sleep on the sofa on the verandah, without having had the courage to open a single one of the three envelopes, he again dreamed a painful dream, and once more that poor, "sinful" woman appeared to him.
We would be as good as dead if we had nothing left to dream about.
And further, these dream trees were not a mere blur on my vision.