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Then the king laughed, and clapped his hands, saying that at length his dream was answered; and he killed no more that day nor ever again --save once only.
'By the way, Kitty, if only you'd been really with me in my dream, there was one thing you WOULD have enjoyed--I had such a quantity of poetry said to me, all about fishes!
Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?.
Those who dream of the banquet, wake to lamentation and sorrow.
THE adventure of the day mightily tor- mented Tom's dreams that night.
A riddle is it still unto me, this dream; the meaning is hidden in it and encaged, and doth not yet fly above it on free pinions.
But now came the most remarkable part of the dream. She felt so afraid of her husband, that being on the staircase, she had not the power to retreat to her room (which she might easily have done before he had fastened the door), but stood there staring.
Who has not dreamed of her,--who that can dream at all?
If it wasn't for our dreams they might as well bury us.
For a moment Jasper Dale believed that his dream love had taken visible form before him.
"All right," I said resignedly, "let the dream go on; I'm in no hurry."
Seeing this, and dreading the effect of any violent agitation, I hastened to suggest that we should say no more, for that day, on the subject of her dream.