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Lee (philosophy, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY) presents a fascinating study of four figures of alterity that appear at the very beginning of Descartes' Meditations: blindness, madness, dreaminess, and badness.
One of O'Faolain's weaknesses as a writer was that he was a poor judge of his own work: his best work of fiction is his first collection of stories, Midsummer Night Madness (1932), yet he was quick to distance himself from the book as too romanticized and sullied by the dreaminess of youth.
Rousseau represents the idealistic imagination in a particularly thoroughgoing form, but in one version or another this kind of dreaminess has continued to reverberate.
A significant increase was also found in excitability, dreaminess, and introversion in those administered the highest dose.
No, it was another kind of sleep, a soft muffling of the mind, an obsessive dreaminess of purpose that repelled all awkward or heretical thoughts, but only temporarily.
Callia, for all of her dreaminess, noticed these cats--that multiply to profusion on the dry roofs at night--on her way to dine on foul and fassouli.
Drunk with devotion, Charlie takes the young man's watch, shakes it to bring the mercury column down, places it between his pretty teeth before feeling, with medical dreaminess, the pulse of the unconscious man.
The pragmatism of the former and the dreaminess of the other first clash but eventually compliment.
Darling details like a posh pearl pin add a just-right hint of dreaminess.
Thus we have malice and evil intent, weakness of will and foolishness, self-deception, negligence, gullibility, self-obsession, pride and vanity, vacillation, ruthlessness, blinkeredness, willfulness, naivete, irrationality, perversity, madness, dreaminess, dithering, mental blanks, and sheer incomprehensibility.
But I feel guilty not to have included more from a club that refused to buy into the dreaminess that goes with Welsh rugby.
Our next port of call was the Alsatian capital of Strasbourg, a busy metropolitan contrast to the dreaminess of the Middle Rhine.