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Major symptoms include the following: emotional symptoms (impatience and irritability, emotional depression, anxiety, low spirits, and hopeless feelings) and physical symptoms (fatigue, cold intolerance and cold limbs, insomnia, dreaminess, head distension, headache, dizziness, dry mouth and throat, chest distress, chest-coerced distension, painful distension of the breasts, preference for sighing, anorexia, abdominal bulge, painful distension of the abdomen, soreness and weakness of the waist and knees, loose stool, sexual hypoactivity, dysmenorrhea, reduced discharge during menses and dark purple menstrual flow, and impaired social function affecting the ability to work, manage household tasks, and learn).
The 84-page work echoes the dreaminess of Kazuo IshiguroCs The Unconsoled ; instead of dream-logic, however, there is memory-logic .
Although Jessica Leake's prose is heady and dense, The Order of the Eternal Sun tends towards dreaminess. There is little romance for Lucy, as she struggles to master arcana while resisting the dark plot of an evil brotherhood.
An otherworldly dreaminess pervades all 15 songs on his forthcoming album, Unfolding the Muse, to be released September 9, 2016.
Finally, there is Modiano's limpid and elliptical style, blending vagueness and precision, realism and dreaminess, and there are numerous questions that find no answer.
Dreaminess and procrastination are both my best and worst habits!
Zapruder's artfully clunky syntax, his irregular lineation and the way his extended sentences unspool their way down the page transfer a meandering dreaminess to his monologues.
Musicals appeal to Evelyn's escapism and dreaminess, and remind her--even when she's throwing herself at this world--that there's something different out there.
The film as a whole has a romantic dreaminess to it, which demands that you follow its beautiful cinematography and flowing editing on its magical and romantic journey.
The social divisions, the boredom, the dances, the irrepressible awkwardness and the irrational dreaminess of high school students never before seemed so accessible, and so neatly packaged with a perfect soundtrack -- even if their scope was rather limited to a particular set of middle-class students.
Readers who enjoy the fantastical or pseudo mythology of Melina Marchetta's Finnikin of the Rock (Candlewick, 2010/VOYA April 2010) and the dreaminess of Tom McNeal's Far Far Away (Random House, 2013/VOYA August 2013) will enjoy this unique tale.--Jane Gov.
There's an overall dreaminess in the music that The Black Keys have made on their new album that may not fit in well with what one has been used to hearing from the band.