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Also included are mindfulness exercises, meditations, visualizations, dream yoga exercises, dreamless sleep induction methods, bardo yoga practices (in which one uses the dream state to practice dying), and methods of cutting through the illusion of form during waking life ("Look at the experience of yesterday from the perspective of today.
Experiencing, if one focuses on its flow, is poignant, intense, and relentlessly ongoing, whose only respite is possibly dreamless sleep.
Sensing the anxiety especially of his friends, Socrates explained that if death isn't a dreamless sleep (which wouldn't be so bad, he said, after the tempests of life), then all his predecessors--all the great thinkers and poets of the past-would be there waiting for him and what joy it would be to ask them the questions that had gotten him into such trouble while he was alive
The earth then retreats into its own hibernaculum (a shelter occupied during the winter by a dormant animal) to pass the winter of discontent in deep and dreamless sleep, the sleep of death.
into the dreamless deep, they'll leave their lovely lingerie
Above the Dreamless Dead: World War I in Poetry and Comics.
Then I realise it's only been light half an hour so I set up bed on my sofa again, close my eyes and wait for round two - which never comes coz I'm out cold a minute later and into a dreamless, uninterrupted coma.
com/ElainePowell POWELL Elaine Dear Mum, Tonight the stars are gleaming, On a lonely silent grave, Where sleeps in dreamless slumber, One we loved but could not save.
The 2014 anthology Above the Dreamless Dead aims to change that, pairing works of many of the poets (the best known of whom is probably Wilfred Owen, along with Siegfried Sassoon, another Jew) with sequential art by leading American and European graphic artists.
The chrysalids of butterflies linger here too, folded, rigid, and dreamless.
Sometimes described as the "fourth state" of consciousness, samadhi is not waking, dreaming or dreamless sleep.
He is dreamless powerful that patrols people (part 7) a wise monarchy (part 35).