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Yet I never dreamed of cities; nor did a house ever occur in any of my dreams.
This, as you have already discerned, violates the first law of dreaming, namely, that in one's dreams one sees only what he has seen in his waking life, or combinations of the things he has seen in his waking life.
Then the king laughed, and clapped his hands, saying that at length his dream was answered; and he killed no more that day nor ever again --save once only.
I laid me down and I slept, but a dream arose and sat by me with a hooded face, and showed me a picture.
If he did not do it, then the adventure would be proved to have been only a dream.
It was her lord himself who became-- unlike the last theme in the mind, according to the observation of most philosophers--the subject of Mrs Flintwinch's dream.
I think," said Anne softly, "that `the land where dreams come true' is in the blue haze yonder, over that little valley.
My dreams are all I have, so I go far in them, even to dreaming that you are my wife.
All right," I said resignedly, "let the dream go on; I'm in no hurry.
Those who dream of the banquet, wake to lamentation and sorrow.
Hear, I pray you, the dream that I dreamed, my friends, and help me to divine its meaning!
I knew, by my past experience, that she must have seen me, in my absence from her, while I was spiritually present to her mind in a trance or dream.