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We cannot descend back into the fog of ignorance, nor the poverty of 'prospects drear' that preceded industrialization.
Stanget times his fishing based on developing No surprise; the best days are dark arid drear mild.
The doctor divides his offices into "Drear" (the average patients) and "Spells" (the affairs), which makes fora fine physical model of his split self and incipient schizoid tendencies.
Instead, this series serves up something perhaps even more welcome as the drear days of winter settle in: an absurdist take on crime, as well as plotlines and sentences that perform buoyant loop-de-loops all over the page before making flawless landings." MAUREEN CORRIGAN
Despite the dark drear of Ottawa's winter outside the library, the purple-clad, pony-tailed Fitch radiated an immeasurable amount of enthusiasm.
Didier Daubord of Dantex France reckons the French market for photopolymer plates is on the move again after a drear 18 months.
The drear Illusion, which argued that Europe's economic interdependence made war 'economically futile".
"There hasn't been a morning, no matter how dark and drear, that I haven't had a smile on my face and a song in my heart at the prospect of your company, your marvellous mail, your wit and wisdom.
I took the call and noted down all the drear details until I got to who was the referee.
Harris as appearing on page 112 of the 1828 Forget-Me-Not, a popular nineteenth-century gift book: (3) 'Tis Winter-winter wild and drear, The heavens are dark, the earth is sere.
You never lost that young understanding, or converted to drear
Drear Southerners, we should admit that we are different tribes with different mentalities and stereotypes about each other, but we should also get convinced that we are the people of South Sudan in spite of our differences and difficulties.