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This insight from quarterly figures released after the end of the third quarter (for details see the table below) is a hopeful sign for the Lebanese economy which, after a challenging year in 2015, showed signs of an even drearier year in 2016.
Tears fell down many a weather-beaten cheek, and haply many a silent prayer was offered up for the wretched young man whose days were darkened with even a drearier fate than had befallen the poor victim there.
As one writer put it in an essay: "She stands as representative of an inherently magical creative quality and a profound sense of relation to its own past enshrined in practices of oral culture and memory lacking from the drearier urbanising modernity superseding it.
Citing the perils of postwar planning and the dangers of assumptions vis-C-vis national security, he critically reviews war plans during the period, the actual capability present in both SAC and other national organizations, specifically the AEC, and finds a drearier picture of American atomic warfare capabilities than expressed previously.
So maybe it is the darker and drearier the world, the more we need the bright shining hope of a Christmas Yankee candle and the fizz of a Marks & Sparks bottle of prosecco.
Indeed, Mailer flourishes as he unleashes his army of well-trained tropes in attempting to capture, through resonance and resemblance, the surreal summer atmosphere of 1960: "Delegates are not the noblest sons and daughters of the Republic; a man of taste, arrived from Mars, would take one look at a convention floor and leave forever, convinced he had seen one of the drearier squats of Hell.
Though also from the DC stable, Gotham has been a bit drearier, darker.
There have been elaborate attempts to account for Kerouac's "spontaneous bop prosody," and the more elaborate they are, the drearier and more pathetic they become.
TIM SHERWOOD'S appointment as Aston Villa boss has added plenty of spice to what might otherwise been one of the drearier FA Cup fifth-round ties.
But no one saved him as the night became drearier by the hour.
However, if summer brings some drearier days, picnics can still be on the menu.