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The look grows effectively drearier as the despair of the couple's torment sets in.
They see the architect as a wet kind of nuisance, eternally fingering his bow-tie on the edge of real life, and the planner as one of the drearier inhabitants of a dreary local government structure.
Without frosty, refreshing root beer on a hot summer day, everyone appears a little droopier and feels somewhat drearier.
Fertility rates, a strong indicator of women's health and education levels, paint an even drearier picture.
Viewed historically, this building, like others designed by this firm, was a major step in the creation of that default modernism that banalized the brilliance of the Bauhaus and left New York a far drearier place.
They survive in the darker, drearier side of human rights violations--so violent it can be better described as atrocities.
Solar energy has long been touted as the solution to our energy woes, but while it is plentiful and free, it can't be bottled up and transported from sunny locations to the drearier -- but more energy-hungry -- parts of the world.
If you would rather have something a little drearier, you can simply say no to all those lovely things being brought your way.
In fact, happy chatter can be the perfect foil for life's drearier details and demands.
The media might become a bit drearier, but public life would be far healthier.