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Young Powell thought that this was the dreariest evening aspect of the sea he had ever seen.
Why, when I started in, I had the dreariest, deadliest details imaginable.
Young women old in the vices of the commonest and worst life, were expected to profess themselves enthralled by the good child's book, the Adventures of Little Margery, who resided in the village cottage by the mill; severely reproved and morally squashed the miller, when she was five and he was fifty; divided her porridge with singing birds; denied herself a new nankeen bonnet, on the ground that the turnips did not wear nankeen bonnets, neither did the sheep who ate them; who plaited straw and delivered the dreariest orations to all comers, at all sorts of unseasonable times.
Which, as well as being the dreariest sentence I've had cause to write in ages, means it's been around now for several decades.
With such a rigid official mindset, the fiscal future offers the dreariest of prospects.
After logging one of the dreariest performances in the Cabinet, the department is facing a crisis that's way beyond their polemic and other skills to tame.
On top of that, De La Salle was clamped down to their worsts this year: Lowest production with just 55 points, their most inconsistent shooting clip with 29 percent, and their dreariest team play with just three assists made.
Less exciting is the dreariest sport ever created - curling.
The gorgeous yellow blooms are bowl-shaped and hang down from the branches like little bells, brightening up the dreariest winter days.
By her friend Katherine Garetson's account, it was the "dreariest winter ever known in the mountains."
There are 11 shades to tickle your fancy, but we've been tempted by the pillarbox red - it's sure to brighten up the dreariest of days.
His emphatic header came in added time of one of the dreariest halves of football Goodison has had the misfortune to witness in years.