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There was not a soul for any of them to talk to except small farmers or fishermen; there were long winter evenings when the wind blew, whistling drearily through the leafless trees, and all around they saw nothing but the bare monotony of ploughed fields; and there was poverty, and there was lack of any work that seemed to matter; every kink in their characters had free play; there was nothing to restrain them; they grew narrow and eccentric: Philip knew all this, but in his young intolerance he did not offer it as an excuse.
Locking his desk, and replacing it within the trunk (but not before he had taken from a secret lining two printed handbills), he cautiously withdrew; looking back, as he went, at the pale face of the slumbering man, above whose head the dusty plumes that crowned the Maypole couch, waved drearily and sadly as though it were a bier.
As it was-- As it was, the rain fell heavily, drearily.
Mr Venus begins drearily replying, 'Of her words, in her own handwriting, that she does not wish to regard herself, nor yet--' when Silas cuts him short with dignity.
He was about to get down and lead his horse through the damp dirt of the hollow farmyard, shadowed drearily by the large half-timbered buildings, up to the long line of tumble-down dwelling-houses standing on a raised causeway; but the timely appearance of a cowboy saved him that frustration of a plan he had determined on,--namely, not to get down from his horse during this visit.
A rusty padlock was fastened on the door, ends of discoloured blinds and curtains flapped drearily against the half-opened upper windows, and the crooked holes cut in the closed shutters below, were black with the darkness of the inside.
Last Sunday's epic Boot Camp was so drearily repetitive it hurt.
Unlike the slobbering horde of zombie films shuffling drearily into cinemas, at least this brings something new to the party with Maggie's descent into fleshmunching madness more tragic than terrifying.
The pinched, thwarted, and enclosed lives led by the family--a form of suspended animation as a "temporary" resettlement is drearily extended as far ahead as its members can see--result in hypersensitive overreadings of behavior in the son, who suspects that he is the subject of gossip in the apartment building.
She demonstrates her pliable talents when confronted by George in the alternate world of Potterville, a terrified, drearily dressed spinster running away from him with a scream.
The brand was responding to criticism from, among others, Liverpool blogger Laura Brown, who wrote: "This Death Row Diner concept though, is both revolting - and drearily unoriginal at the same time.
The only time this is ever done is with the drearily repeated fact that Birmingham has more miles of canal than Venice.