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MANILA -- The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority will sign an agreement with a paint manufacturing company on Monday to put life on drearily dull underpasses along EDSA.
I FOUND the Olympic Opening ceremony drearily and parochially left wing.
It always seemed a dismal prospect to extend the same unedifying practices into the Lords with has-election of a Westminster Upper Chamber (let alone a 'Tyneside Boris'); more tribal point-scoring from all three sides, drearily reiterated partyline messages and little personality or original thought.
Apokalyptische Kapsel (Apocalyptic Capsule), also drearily dark, strikes a rather pessimistic tone as well.
But the ear-bashing, Oasis-like rhythms seem drearily dated.
And, as for the band, I was dreading another Filipino act drearily singing pop standards and the habitual dire version of Bob Marley's No Woman, No Cry.
Many brands on display - such as Zara, Hush Puppies or Etam - may seem drearily familiar to a Western eye, but the vast shopping center drew bigger crowds
Further along, The Pretenders' flowery ballad of eternal longing, "I Go To Sleep," is made drearily psychedelic, a hammering descent into the abyss of irreplaceable loss.
Walsall's season is in danger of petering out drearily but the frustration felt by the supporters in the stands is matched by that in the dressing room, insists Vincent.
Or, as one radio news reader drearily told her listeners: ".
But since then, they have been wretched at West Ham, awful against Arsenal and were drearily rubbish in the 1-1 draw with Coventry that forced this second attempt.
Updike was also an ardent Christian, a fact that surprised him to some degree: "How did the patently vapid and drearily business-like teachings to which I was lightly exposed succeed in branding me with a cross?