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Having successfully kicked, Renton confronts the real challenge - coping with the dreariness of unaltered consciousness.
Unfortunately, there's a lack of pace and dreariness that can't even be lifted by a lively flat-warming party for Zoe and Kelly, nor Alfie acting the perfect gentleman as he continues to romance Kat.
Sadly this most intriguing of modern architectural styles with its striking, clean-cut symmetry that could have provided an wonderful escape from suburban dreariness has never achieved breakthrough status in Britain.
We are in for a long dark summer of non-Chase dreariness as the fifth series is only now being filmed in the States.
Part of the dreariness can be attributed to the show's lack of humor: Boundary Mountain has got to be the biggest group of one-dimensional depressives to ever populate a ski resort.
He is the Michelangelo of monotony, the da Vinci of dreariness.
Maybe you can't, but I certainly can and if this city is ever to be taken as seriously as London then it needs to throw aside any inhibitions of 60s concrete dreariness and reach for the skies with no restrictions on height and no holding back this time.
Efforts made to reproduce such versatility using descendants of Corb's 1914 Dom-ino system have almost always ended up in dreariness, with the qualitative ideal of home completely forgotten in the pursuit of quantity.
His self-confessed dreariness has only served to further endear him to fans who have become disenchanted with the other housemates' over-the-top antics.
The methodical pace captures the daily dreariness of the peasant life, but often its deliberate rhythms and brooding atmosphere wear thin when the thematic points are endlessly repeated.