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Now his Drenched product is undergoing trials at Huddersfield University and Heathrow Airport and - following the pitch - St James' Palace.
The rainfall to come will see South Wales drenched by 30mm on Friday and, along with Mid Wales, a further 15mm on Saturday, while today will produce 15mm in the North.
They were also forced to sit in cold water, forced to take cold showers and drenched outside with buckets of cold water.
But, in what he called "a prank", he sparked a lighter close to the legs of another worker whose lower clothing had been drenched in petrol by Leonard.
Half the flock was drenched with 20ml of Liquithrive Sheep approximately one month prior to lambing.
A dispute over noise led to a man breaking into his neighbour's home and causing almost pounds 12,000 damage when he drenched it with water, Birmingham Crown Court heard yesterday.
Flip through to find Romeo (David Hallberg) grieving over a bloody Mercutio (Herman Cornejo), Manon (Alessandra Ferri) in a final embrace with a grieving Des Grieux (Julio Bocca), and Odette (Gillian Murphy) submerged to the waist with her drenched Siegfried (Ethan Stiefel) in a rainy lake--actually in New Jersey.
If the mold faces or cavities are drenched, experienced technicians know that blowing air across the face of tooling is the preferred method and will actually pull water out of cavities, acting as a venturi.
Sometimes we are knocked over and drenched by its power.
Many a time I've had a late bowl of Special K drenched in ice-cold milk, but on Thursday I thought it would be wise to opt for a bowl of brown sugar drenched in ice-cold Coca Cola.
There are doomy (think Sabbath) moments, but cut with tasty Deed Purple riffs drenched obviously in Pink Floyd progressive nectar and mixed with psyche-enriched Beatle-juice .
In the name of all merciful God-Allah-Jehovah--amid great misery and loud lament--the land was drenched with blood.